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Good for you! You TOTALLY deserve a nomination! And more!!!!

I just posted about your blog on mine and added links for peeps to visit yours and vote for you at the contest. That means that the two or three people who visit my blog daily will add their votes to the total! ;)

Good luck!


If you're gonna be a real food blog you need to start including more recipie info. Yummy info


That's my girl. What an honour for you, and I hope the encouragement spurs you on to bigger and better posts in 2007.


I just voted for you and added an entry on your nomination in my blog as well. You deserve it!


I totally voted for you. Your blog is perfect the way it is.


You got my vote!! I love your blog--food and non food-you whet our appetites in so many ways--continue blogging and happy new year to you.


I totally thin you deserve it - this is a great Blog. Congrats. Can we vote?


You got my vote too. Your blog is full of nice pictures of food and was instantly accesible. Plus the Japanese food you cook looks delicious. I had a look at the others, but got bored ;-)


Wow congratulations on getting into the top 5, just put in my vote for you, hope you win! :)


Congrats, kid. Whoever would have thought that Beans Morocco would one day create a blog, and an amazing one that is adored by many. You'll get my vote, as much for your wry but optimistic views on Life as for the food- maybe they mean food, as in ...for thought.

Good on ya,



Thank you for the congratulations and votes! I really appreciate it. And thanks Andy and Piegirl for the mentions on your blogs.

Claytonian, I agree. It's just that recipes take so friggin long to write, not to mention create and test.

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